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  This is a brief introduction to the philosophy behind the ICDNS Collaborative Environment.

There is a continued need to refine neuropathological diagnostic criteria for diseases of the nervous system. The need to have standardised internationally agreed diagnostic criteria is being driven by the molecular revolution. Advancing molecular insights into disease means different groups all using the same neuropathological criteria. To date criteria have been developed by essentially closed groups of interested workers and this may have limited the speed of development and responsiveness of classification schemes.

To make such criteria widely accepted many people now believe that there should be an opportunity for any interested worker to participate in their development. Such a democratic forum can now be realised using the internet and the web.

We hope that any interested person will register with the forum [free, quick and easy] and then contribute to debate on diagnostic criteria. We will hold votes online to determine whether there is a consensus.

Ownership of the classifications developed here will be by everyone. There is no intention to restrict usage or limit access. However the source of the classification should be acknowledged.

We hope that this will be the start of a new scheme for democratic development of neuropathological diagnostic criteria.

This is work in progress. We need to develop terms of reference and you should also contribute to this debate.

We hope you approve of this development and will expres your opinion freely.

Please read the overview of the ICDNS initiative published in PLoS Medicine

Have a look at the ICDNS discussion group

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